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Film &

We are passionate about bringing stories to life on the big screen. Our services encompass all aspects of the filmmaking process, from pre to post-production.


We would love to collaborate with you to create tailor-made content for your target audience that will both stand out and engage with them. 


Need access to a fully equipped, professional-grade studio space that is versatile and customizable for your creative projects? Reach out to us!


In A Deal With Darkness, we uncover the powerful story of one man, a contract, and a sword. This man, CJ, shares his account of how he received freedom and liberation from the dark clutches of the occult.

As a child, CJ experienced extreme circumstances of verbal abuse and eventually found himself dabbling with violence and gangsterism that shaped his worldview and relationships in a detrimental way. Until one day, he decided to step into church to take revenge on a friend’s behalf.

The person he is today, compared to who he was before, is drastically different. We speak to CJ in this video about his own journey, his personal transformation, the reasons why he changed, and the effects that his decisions have brought to his life. He made a deal with darkness, but is now redeemed by the deal Jesus made for us.

Our Work

The devil’s
dark web

A provoking documentary exploring the potential dangers and risks presented in the online space and its impact on this generation particularly relating to sexploitation.

Finding Christ
in the afterlife

1 man, 1 God, 1 crisis. Navin met Christ in the afterlife and lived to tell the story – we launched his testimony globally in April 2023. Watch this near-death experience story from Kuala Lumpur now.

music video
kid’s series: born for victory

ARMOUR ON is the newest music video by Kingdomcity Studios! It goes together with the Born for Victory series aimed at teaching kids what it means to be in the Lord’s Army! 

music video
kid’s series: born to belong

Born To Belong is a music video shot in the style of a kids dance along game! It goes together with the Born to Belong kids series that teaches kids powerful truths about our identity as children of God!

Connect series filming

Since 2020, we have leveraged state-of-the-art production techniques across a variety of carefully designed sets to deliver over 75 episodes of spiritually uplifting Connect Group content that has been viewed around the world.

international conferences

We excel in capturing the dynamic energy and profound moments of live Conferences through our expertise in filming, livestreaming, and broadcasting. We ensure that every attendee (in person or online) experiences the full transformative power of the conference.